Skatepark in Ahmedabad
Skateparks in rest of India

April 21, 2021 3 Comments

Rajasthan - There’s a big skatepark called “Desert Dolphin” in the middle of a desert.  It was built in 2018 by a group of skatepark builders and skaters called 100ramps. The park takes up 14000 sq.ft. of land and looks extremely fun to skate. The skatepark consists of about 70% transition and 30% street obstacles. It can be divided into two halves: The “big” half has a large bowl with 3 sections of varying depths, two tall extensions for boosting airs or doing stalls, and a spine for doing transfers. The “smaller” half has a mellower bowl with a hubba and a handrail going into it. There’s a perfect euro gap, a quarter pipe on the outer part of the bow

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Sikkim skate scene
Skateparks In North East India

March 31, 2021 2 Comments

Pro-Life Skatepark (Meghalaya)- is one of the two skateparks located in the cloudy mountains of Shillong. It’s incredible to even think that skateboarding exists amongst the roller coaster like geographical terrain of Meghalaya. Only a few warriors are brave enough to skate in such a tough environment and it is them who built Pro-Life Skatepark. They are members of the local skate crew called Hucko. Shout out to the homie Giovani! I’d love to come shred the place with the crew one day. My goo

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