Piso Skateboards: By Skaters, For Skaters.
Piso skateboards is an Indian skateboard brand completely run by skateboarders, for skateboarders. We want to create a happy skateboarding community and provide the best quality skateboard products that match the average skaters wallet in India.The journey so far has been full of adventure and challenges. All those sleepless nights and hard work feel totally worth it when we see you skateboarders shred with our boards out there.
Why ‘Piso’?
Every time we’re skateboarding, we draw a lot of attention from people passing by. Some are intrigued, but most people just cannot wrap their heads around it. They think we’re crazy when they see us fall or whizz past them. In Goan local language(Konkani), the word ‘piso’ literally translates to ‘Crazy’. We thought this was perfect!
Our Journey:
2013:The Third Eye Tour!
Our journey starts back in 2013 with the Third Eye Tour. Organized by Varun Patra of Homegrown, Nick Smith, ALIS and Abhishek Khan, it was the first time skateboarders from all over India were coming together for a first of its kind skate tour in India. A bus full of skateboarders traveling from Bangalore to Goa, skating anything and everything that came in the way. There was so much stoke all around us, it was almost unreal. We had never experienced anything like this in our entire lives!
2014: Goa Local Skateboarding Scene Build.
After coming back from the tour, life was never the same again. It was almost like someone had clicked on the refresh button. We knew skateboarding was what we were going to do all our lives. We started with skateboarding camps in Goa to get a local skate scene started. Some days there were no kids and some days there were just one or two kids. But as months became years the number grew.
2015 to 2017: Experimenting with DIY boards.
We even started making our own skateboards DIY style. We pooled in knowledge from the internet and fellow skateboarders and built our own concrete press and mold. We rolled out a few skate & cruiser decks and were really thrilled with what we had accomplished. We were all set to launch our own skateboard company. But the reality of the situation was different. Neither were our products of great quality nor was the entire operation economically or logistically viable. We failed several times and even came close to giving up on the idea entirely. 
2018: Piso skateboards becomes a reality!!
Luckily few dots got connected and that is how we proudly brush the dirt off our shoulders now and present to you our very own Indian skateboard brand - PISO SKATEBOARDS.
*Our manufacturing is still not upto the mark but we are progressing towards it :).
2019: Ups and Downs, aah!
Mann! this year was filled with so many ups and downs full of lessons. Thank you all for the support and love shown towards our brand. Sorry to keep our website out of stock for most time of the year, we are pushing as hard as we can so that no one has to wait to grab their hands on the board :). Let's see what goes down in 2020! 
2020: COVID 19. 
Well, this year everyone knows how the things were. Fight was for our survival this year. Covid-19 pushed us back in time, had to start again from zero; had to restructure everything for the new world. This one really tested our limits! We are still pushing and always will for the skaters out there. #Thankyouskateboarding
2021: Pandemic Effects :(
Due to the Pandemic, prices of all our raw materials soared up as a result pricing had to be revised unfortunately to make everything sustainable. R&D is into works on how to reduce the pricing and to be efficient. Hopefully in coming years prices will come back to normal :). See you in 2022 with the revised working structure!
2022: will be updated in Dec 2022
Our supporters
A huge shoutout to everyone who’s been part of our journey and helped us get this far.
To our families who have supported us through this journey (which was extremely tough thanks to India’s rigid social norms) and a big thank you to Jorn Vesthaug, Jeff Murphy, Siddhant Jadhav, Dr Ankit Dubey & Pranav Pai Vernekar. Without their support, certain hurdles would have been too hard to overcome by ourselves.
Note - Our manufacturing is still not upto the mark but we are progressing towards it :).
Below are some of our old photographs from when we started out, the quality of images are low but the story is gold!.