Shipping & Returns


We ship all our orders as soon as possible. If order is placed before 10am on a working day, we will try our best to ship it the same day or else it'll be shipped on the next working day.
Our Delivery partners -  Delhivery, Bluedart, DTDC & Ekart logistics.
Extremely remote areas - India Post.

Once the product is shipped you will get the tracking details via email ID. Once you get the tracking details, you'll get the rough estimated delivery timeline of your order.



Our return policy is product specific, kindly follow along.

Skateboard completes :
Product return window for our completes is 3 days after delivery. Executing returns on completes will be more supervised for damages if any and can take a bit longer to execute the return. If you find any manufacturing defect in our board then the replacement window is 10 days and we will replace that particular part of the skateboard free of cost.
Return window - 3 days (after delivery of the shipment)
Replacement window(for defect) - 10 days (after delivery of the shipment)

Returns will be only valid if the product is not used. Skateboard should be in original mint condition in the sealed box. Refund will be initiated only after checking of the product when received. For manufacturing defect that particular part will be sent to you free of cost as replacement. Following are the 2 cases which can occur for returns.

Case 1 - You receive the box(Sealed), and want to return it.
Box should not be opened and should not have crossed more than 3 days after product being delivered. We will ask for images before executing returns for the same. We will arrange the return shipping for your order(except for India post orders), Delivery guy will come to pick it up in 2-3 days. Once it is delivered at our warehouse, inspection will be done. If everything is as per our conditions refund will be initiated.
Note - Shipping charge of Rs500/- will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded.

Case 2 - You use the product and find a particular part has some issue. Free replacement will be done of that particular part. Window for replacement is 10 days after the board is being delivered(it's extremely rare you will get a defective part, but in case you do, we have got you covered.

Case 3 - You use the product and you want to return the complete for what so ever reason within 10 days of delivery. We will ask for images of the skateboard especially the graphics of the deck, griptape and the wheels. Return shipment will be booked after collecting the images. Product will be examined when it arrives our warehouse. If any part is damaged, for example wheel, then 50% value of the wheel's MRP will be deducted from the refund amount. If Deck is damaged then 50% value of the that particular Deck's MRP will be deducted from the refund amount. Return shipping charges will be same as case 2 that is Rs 500/-.
Let's take an example to explain this more.
Skater buys a Dragonfly complete skateboard (MRP paid = Rs 6450/-)
After examination we find deck is damaged with scratches/ wheelbite. Then 50% of Dragonfly deck's MRP will be deducted from the refund amount. Dragonfly Deck MRP is 2650/-, so 50% of 2650/- that is Rs 1325/- will be deducted from the MRP Paid. Return shipping charge is Rs500/- for all orders
Final amount to be refunded in this example will be= 6450-1325-500 = Rs 4625/-.

Decks :
Our decks come with heat shrink wrap. So if the Deck is removed from the heat shrink wrap we cannot accept returns for the deck. To execute return put the deck(deck should be intact inside the heat shrink warp) in the box, we will initiate the return pick for the same. Delivery guy will come pick up the order in 2-3 days. Once it is received in our warehouse, product will be inspected and refund will be initiated.
Note - Shipping charge of Rs350/- will be deducted from the final amount to be refunded.
Return window - 10 Days (after delivery of the shipment)

Skate bags :
For Piso skatebag (not foldable) return window is 10 days after delivery. Bag should be in unused original condition. Return shipping charge for the Piso skatebag is Rs200/-.

For the 'Foldable Piso skatebag' return window is 10days after delivery. Bag should be in unused original condition. Return shipping for the foldable Piso skatebag is Rs150/- 

Return window - 10 days (after delivery of the shipment)

Recycled Ear Rings :
No returns allowed on this product once delivered.

Accessories (all other items) :
 Our accessories come in one plastic baggage. We use recycled/reuse plastic which we gather from various sources. We do not produce new plastic bags to pack any of our products. If accessory is unused/packed we accept return on the same. Accessories should be in the same packaging as received in unused condition.
Note - Shipping charge of Rs70 will be deducted from the final amount to be refunded.
Return window - 10 days (after delivery of the shipment)

General guidelines: 
-If we find any item being used and sent to us we will refuse the return or we will reduce the refund amount by 50%
- If wrong items shipped from our end, free returns/exchange will be provided us for the same.
-Returns are not allowed on products which are on clearance sale.

Apparels :

For exchange of size you have to return your existing tee, and place a new order for the correct size you are looking for. Return Shipping charges is Rs150/-. Return/exchange window within 5 days after delivery, Tee should be in unused and original condition with all the tags.

Return Shipping process :
Most of the Returns will be managed by Piso itself by providing reverse pick up thorough our courier partners. Incase if some pincode is not available for reverse pick up, then the customer will have to self ship it to our warehouse for returns.


For exchange you have to return you ordered product through above mentioned guidelines and place an order for the correct size again through our website 


If you want to cancel your order, following are the two cases.
Cancellation before shipping :
Full refund (for prepaid orders) will be provided if the product is not shipped from our warehouse.

Cancellation while in transit : 
Once shipped it's tough to cancel the order as our delivery partner takes the charge of our shipment. Write to us if you want to cancel your order while in transit through email ID - or call/whatsapp us on 9021609255. Cancellation of order while in transit will vary from case to case. If incase product gets delivered, you will have to follow our returns guidelines mentioned above.

Cancellation by Piso skateboards :
Under certain circumstances it might not be possible for us to accept an order and we may be compelled to cancel the same. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason at our sole discretion. Some situations that may result in your order being cancelled include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department. We may also ask for additional verification or information before accepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. If your order is cancelled after your credit card has been charged, the said amount will be reversed back in your Card Account. The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by us and accept our decision regarding the cancellation.



Our products are warrantied against manufacturing defect only . The daily wear and tear, including damages sustained from impacts, is not covered by warranty policy.


If any refund is issued for any cancelation or return of your order, it will take around 9-10 working days from the day on which the refund was initiated. The amount will be refunded in the same bank account through which it was deducted while placing the order. 

If after 9-10 working days you feel the money is not credited, do get back to us. We will share the transaction details with you, which you need to share with your bank personal to tally with your accounts. It can happen that you have missed the notification or not received the SMS. Bank statement or official letter from the bank is the only proof which is valid in this case. Such a case will be taken forward only after tallying the bank statement with the transaction details or official letter from the bank saying 'the refund is not received'. Such a case is extremely rare/close to impossible as everything happens under RBI guidelines on automated basis.


Shipment shows delivered, but customer did not receive it:
Sometimes we get a call from customer saying the shipment shows delivered but customer has not received the shipment yet. The customer starts panicing in such cases. There is no need to panic at all, we are here to help you :). We have received around 4-5 cases in past 5 years. All the cases were successfully resolved, following are the things which usually happens.

1 - Most of the time the shipment was delivered to the customer at the office gate/warden/hostel office/neighbors. Customer usually are not aware of it and then they find it in above given locations. 90% cases were solved by just doing this.
2 - At times the delivery guy who comes to deliver by mistake updates your shipment has delivered while delivering some other customers shipment. This is a human error from the delivery guy's side. By evening such shipments gets delivered. Rest 10% cases were such cases. Till now not a single case has been received where the customer could not get the delivery of the shipment. As everything is automated and scanned, its very rare that customer will not receive the shipment.
3 - Even after referring first 2 points if you do not get the shipment, and feeling anxious about it, just call us. Our team will take the case on priority and investigate. Investigation takes around 10-12 working days for the case to resolve if really there is been some issues with the delivery of the shipment. Usually it solves within 2-3 days, but as per our courier partner they ask for 10-12 working days to investigate the case and resolve it. So incase if you do not receive the shipment, just let us know and allow us 10-12 working days to find a resolution for the same. If at all the case is not resolved in 12 working days(from the date of raising the complaint), we will send a new shipment from our side without any extra charges.


If any product is a third party product, then Piso is not responsible for the product defects, side effects, accidental damages, warranty terms and condition or any kind of issues related to their product or company. You will have to directly contact to the original brand/product owner and execute your requests or dispute. Piso will guide you in connecting to the right person from the respective third party product company. Most of the times if you place any order of third party products, most likely the order will be fulfilled and shipped by original manufacturer/brand. You will be provided all tracking details and necessary notification via email ID, only difference is it will be shipped from the original manufacturer/Brands warehouse.