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The perfect skateboard for any and every beginner who is looking to pickup a new complete skateboard setup.The complete setup consists of a medium concave deck made of seven layers of 100% Canadian maplewood available in different sizes, a set of 54mm wheels of 100A hardness, a pair of trucks, 1” hardware, a set of eight bearings and grip tape. The skateboards are delivered pre-assembled.

The boards are available in different sizes. A guide is provided below to help you pick your first board but it is not necessary to follow it. Over a period of time every skateboarder has his/her own preference of deck size, many times irrespective of foot size. 
Tip: Smaller size boards are lighter and easier to flip while bigger boards provide you more stability with extra space for your feet.
Sizes available - 7.75''x31.5''/8"x32"/ 8.25"x32"
Size map:(General sizing)

Shoe size Board size
All kids to UK7 7.75in
UK8 to UK10 8.00in
UK10 to UK11 8.125in/8.25in
UK11 to UK13 8.25in
UK13 and above 8.5in

If still confused on sizing read our blog on 'How to choose your skateboard size'
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