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January 29, 2020


Artist Mr. Shrey SawantShrey Sawant, born in Goa, better known by his writers tag 'Flyin Munki', is a Graffiti artist & an illustrator. His name came through his fascination with the Indian Langurs during his childhood, Later translated to Munki. He was inclined to the art & creativity since his childhood, drawing on walls of his home in Goa & expressing his mind. As a majority of the Indian population, he was streamlined into the field of engineering but his art was by his side, hand-in-hand. In the year 2011, he broke the Indian household stigma of 'success comes from academics' and decided to pursue his career by displaying his art to our society. He started off as a graffiti artist and illustrator and his growth as an artist led him to expand his expertise to different art forms, that are digital illustration & tattooing.
His art form is diverse, taking a dip into an old school comic theme as well as a futuristic theme, inspired from the cartoons & anime that he grew up watching. His rendition of the monkey has been one of the cruxes of his art ever since he started off. Munki is also a part of 't3k' along with 3 other prolific artists, a graffiti crew representing South India.
Designs - Flyin munki graphic


Artist Mr Malcolm RebelloMalcolm Rebello, an illustrator, and a Brand Designer from Goa. He has graduated from Goa College of Art, specializing in illustration and is known for his caricatures and surrealistic illustrations in 'The book of spells'. You can checkout his work here. He frequently conducts workshops in design colleges in Pune like, MIT Pune, Amity University, School of Fashion Technology. When not painting he loves to play drums or sit in peace strumming his guitar. He loves beer, cats and chocolate truffle.
Designs - Dragonfly Graphic & Namaste Graphic.


Artist Mr. Anveer MehtaAn explorer by heart, Anveer is a skateboarder from Goa who is always motivated to learn new skills and combine them with the ones he’s picked up along the way. His keen interest in building skateparks eventually paved the way for him to get involved in building skateparks in unconventional settings across India. He has built skateparks in Goa, in a police station in Odisha & Proto Village in Andhra Pradesh. He has seen and been with Piso right from the tough times to the good times, and uses his casual and well articulated writing style to tell the story of Piso skateboards and all other content on the website. He is also one of the driving forces behind 'SkatelifeGoa' and is always ready to get his hands dirty DIY style. He is easy to spot with his quick and easy smile, and spreads his exuberance amongst all who come in contact with him.

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