Cruiser wheels 58mm (83A)

This is the Perfect Cruiser Wheel for the Indian streets. The diameter of this wheel is 58mm and the hardness is 83A. It has round edge on outside for better durability.  Say no to the vibrations! and enjoy the softer ride :). This wheel is specifically designed for cruising so doing tricks will be a bit harder, and due to lower softness it will be tough to power slide.

Comes in a set of 4 wheels. You have Two Packages available to choose from.
Package 1 - You only get the 58mm Cruiser Wheel.
Package 2 - You get the 58mm Cruiser Wheel, Wooden Riser Pad (6mm) & 1.25in Hardware.
The Wooden Riser pad is made in house from 6mm marine plywood. We have chosen wood over PU for more ecofriendly approach :).

Note: Its advisable to use wheel with riser pads on a regular skateboard to avoid wheel bites.
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