Piso Skateboards Std Truck

ATTENTION: Comes as one single truck. If you want a pair, please select your quantity as 2. 

Only the best materials used to make this skateboard truck with 95a hardness bushings. The trucks are the axle of your skateboard that hold the wheels and the board together. While selecting a new set of trucks ensure that the axle width is more or less matching the size of your deck(0.25in +- difference is kind of Okaish with respect to deck size). A guide is provided below to help you pick the right size.
 Size Map:

Hanger width(in) Axle width(in) Deck it can fit
5.00in 7.618in 7.75in
5.375in 8.00in 8.00in, 8.125in
5.5in 8.11in 8.25in, 8.50in
6.00in 8.62in 8.5in,8.75in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Krishnan Srinivasan
Excellent Truck System

I got this truck , 2 Nos for my Custom Long Distance Skating Setup UHURU ( Meaning Freedom in Swahili Language )
I weigh over 120 KGs. I stopped checking my weight after doing some Long distance skating...
This truck is mounted with 116mm Longboard wheels and the trucks are mounted to a Steel frame with 40 inches in length...
It has Oxelo 608zz Bearings rolling on it's axle.
I've riden about 2484.22 KMs on my UHURU until 11 June 2023.
This truck has seen all weathers, all types of tarmac , survived accidents , all traffic conditions.
It stands undamaged.
It rides smooth , saving me every single time I take outside for a ride of minimum distance 13 KMs.
I trust these trucks with my life.
I wish PisoSkateboards brings Kingpin nuts as part of their accessories.
I'm extremely satisfied with this product.
Sorry, I didn't buy it for skateboards & to do pop tricks.
As a distance skater I'd say , Just buy them...they are good.
PisoSkateboards gives excellent support via whatsapp.
Thanks all 🙏🕊

Thank you so much for an in depth review! Your suggestion to include kingpin nut in our product line up has been taken forward with the product team :)