Piso Skateboards Truck

ATTENTION: Comes as one single truck. If you want a pair, please select your quantity as 2. 

Aluminium trucks with 95a hardness bushings. The trucks are the axle of your skateboard that hold the wheels and get bolted on the the board. While selecting a new set of trucks ensure that the axle width is more or less matching the size of your deck(0.25in +- difference is kind of Okaish with respect to deck size). A guide is provided below to help you pick the right size.
 Size Map:

Hanger width(in) Axle width(in) Deck it can fit
5.00in 7.618in 7.75in
5.375in 8.00in 8.00in, 8.125in
5.5in 8.11in 8.25in, 8.50in
6.00in 8.62in 8.5in,8.75in
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