Skateboard Y Tool

This is the perfect all rounder skate tool to cater all your skateboard maintenance needs. This has all the things which a standard T tool has, additionally it has a 5/16'' axle threader. The use of axle threader comes in action when threading of the axle of your skateboard truck has been destroyed due to aggressive skating and you are unable to screw the axle nut back in place. By making use of your axle threader, just rotate the Y tool around the axle of your truck and get those threading back on your axle by rotating in and out for couple of times :).

One Y tool Contains:
-Phillips and Allen head drivers.
-9/16" Socket for trucks (To tighten the kingpin nut). 
-1/2" Socket for wheels (For wheel removal and adjustement).
-3/8" Socket for hardware (To tighten deck bolts and nuts).
-5/16'' Axle threader (To thread your axle).

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Easy to use!

Loved having all the tools I need in one place.