Piso Skateboards Truck

Aluminium trucks with 95a hardness bushings. The trucks are the axle of your skateboard that hold the wheels and get bolted on the the board. While selecting a new set of trucks ensure that they are the same size and are more or less matching the size of your deck. A guide is provided below to help you pick the right size.
Note: Comes as one single truck. If you want a pair, please select your quantity as 2.
 Size Map:

Hanger width(in) Axle width(in) Deck it can fit
5.00in 7.618in 7.75in
5.375in 8.00in 8.00in, 8.125in
5.5in 8.11in 8.25in
6.00in 8.62in 8.5in,8.75in
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