FILMER Fiery Dragons Skateboard Complete (Natural)

Presenting our Filmer skateboard complete, available in size 8 and size 8.25. This board has a different setup than our standard complete skateboard set up. This setup has 58mm 83A hardness softer wheels compared to our 54mm 100A hard wheels on our standard skateboard setup. This board is perfect to cruise around on Indian roads, short distance travel or within college/corporate campus travel as they use bigger and softer wheels which gives more comfort while riding. It is called a Filmer board as its used especially by filmers to film skaters following them from behind. 

This board is available in different sizes. A rough size guide is provided below to help you pick your first board, but it is not necessary to follow it. Over a period of time every skateboarder has his/her own preference of deck size, many times irrespective of foot size. 

Size available - 8"x31.5" & 8.25"x32"
Size map:(General sizing)

Shoe size Board size
All kids to UK7 7.75in
UK8 to UK10 8.00in
UK10 to UK13 8.25in
UK13 and above 8.5in

Still confused on sizing? - 'How to choose your skateboard size'
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