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Jugaad Skateboarding Competition 2019

December 27, 2019

Jugaad Skateboarding Competition 2019

 India’s biggest annual skateboarding competition was back this December with its fifth edition that was so much bigger and better than last year. In fact, just saying bigger and better does no justice to it. It was mad amazing with talent and energy spilling all over the skatepark! Sticking to its home ground which is the skatepark at PLAY arena in Bangalore, this year’s edition had in addition to the park’s existing elements, additional obstacles spread out over the flat area in the centre. To see the different tricks, combos and ways the skateboarders were putting these obstacles to use was an absolute pleasure.

This year's Jugaad saw heavy participation and attendance compared to its previous years. Skateboarders came in from all of India’s big cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, as well places like Kovalam, Mahabalipuram, Goa, Varanasi, Kochi,  Sikkim, Mizoram and more. From outside of India we saw skateboarders come in from the Maldives and a big team from Nepal as well, who also turned out to be some of the best performers.

The participants were split into four categories of Girls, Under-14 boys, Sub-junior boys, and Men for the ‘Super Minute’ competition. The other competitions for ‘Best Trick’, ‘Game Of Skate’ and spot competitions were on an all inclusive participatory basis with no group divisions. We’ve mentioned below for you, the complete list of all the winners for all competitions at this year’s Jugaad skateboarding competition.

In spite of how rad all the competitions were, there were some notable highlights from this year's Jugaad that no one can forget. On the second day, the cloudy skies brought with them some rain that put everyone in a fix. But hey, the name of the competition itself is Jugaad! The next thing you know, there’s a full blown power slide competition happening with skaters constantly crashing and tumbling all over. But every few seconds there would be one ripper who would slide clean across from the line marking his potential win.

At the end of the third day there was an impromptu jam session with rappers, beat boxers and ‘morchang’ players with skateboarders dancing in the background creating an atmosphere so organic that one could have never requested for the same!

We’ve put together a video encompassing all the stoke, tricks and love we could in a 10 min film for you guys. Check it out and make sure you help spread the stoke. It’s only going to get wilder from here on ;)

Super Minute/Best Run
Girls Category
1st - Kamali(Mahabalipuram) & Lolrin(Nepal)
2nd - Shraddha Gaikwad(Pune)
3rd - Mini (Kovalam SISP)

Sub Juniors
1st - Ashwin
2nd - (Ooops! we forgot who won this. Can you please help us?)
3rd - Shlok

Under 14 boys
1st - Dheeraj (Nepal)
2nd - Lalrinsanga (Mizoram)
3rd - Shone & Vinod (Kovalam SISP)

Men's Category
1st - Basantha (Alen Rai, Nepal)
2nd - Mahin Tandon (Bengaluru)
3rd - Ali Ahmed (Maldives)

Game of Skate
Winner - Nunkima Raulte (Mizoram)
Runner up - Satya Mahallik (Mumbai)

Best trick - Arjoon Rao (Bengaluru)

Longest powerslide - Sharik Shaikh (Mumbai)

Longest ollie - Rahul (Kovalam SISP)

MVP - Dheeraj (Nepal)    

Author - Anveer Mehta
Picture credits - Julian 

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