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Skatespots Around Delhi

August 25, 2020 2 Comments

Skatespot Around Delhi

India’s capital city: New Delhi, is a great place for street skateboarding. You can find spots almost everywhere you look and have an absolute blast cruising around, or hitting various obstacles presented to you by the city’s fantastic architecture. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind... This is one Hectic city! New visitors are usually taken aback by the large number of vehicles and poor traffic sense that Delhi is also notorious for. The pollution, both in the air and on the ground is quite an attraction too, some may say! As long as you’re not afraid of germs or falling into piles of cow dung, you’ll be alright.
I recommend buying a broom and a lot of hand sanitizer if you consider exploring spots around the city. Of course, I may be exaggerating and it may not be as bad as you imagine it to be… especially if you are a skater!

My homies: Teshang, Tony Treflips and Eddie are some of Delhi’s finest street warriors. I’ve met them during one of India’s first skateboarding competitions ever called Jugaad, in 2015. We’ve skated a handful of times in the years that followed and they’ve shown me some of the craziest spots that Delhi has to offer.
Here are some of them:

Connaught Place
This area is quite vast so it is difficult to describe each particular spot since there are so many. But I will attempt to explain the juicy essence of it as best as I can.

Delhi is a pretty hot place, and the heat only aggravates as the streets get busy and packed with people during the day. Luckily, most of the spots are illuminated by lights at night- so I would say it is the best time to go out and explore. Connaught place is basically a big circle which you can circumnavigate in about 10-15 minutes (the inner part) if you skate non-stop. Along the way you will encounter different types of marble ledges (including a curvy “s” shape ledge), manual pads, perfect stairs near the subway entrances and cones (to ollie over). The ground is super smooth everywhere you look but it may require a little sweeping. You can randomly find small kicker- like bumps and round rails as well.

Google map location - Connaught place
Pic Credits - Sagar Waghela

Conought place skate spot delhi

Central park
The public park at the center of Connaught place is a great area for skating. Look for the gigantic flag of India as a landmark (it’s very easy to spot). The entire place is covered with lush green grass. For the people’s convenience long walkways were built, which circle the whole zone and sometimes have little round rails along the sides. You can cruise around the whole park, going down small slopes while scaring the people who’ve never seen a skateboard before (that’s 99% of the public). Trust me, you’ll have about 20 people watching you if you skate at one spot for more than ten minutes. I remember skating something that looked like a flat empty pool there. It is rectangular in shape and has a set of long wide stairs which can be used to simply roll down or manual. There is another manny pad/stage at the middle of the park (where the flag is at the most photogenic spot) with long blocks of stairs leading down towards it.

One of the coolest obstacles in the park is the slanted wallride. It is located somewhere away from the center, closer to the edges of the park area. It looks like a little roof growing out of the ground. I believe it is an entrance to some underground level.

Google map Location- Central Park
Pic credits - Gautham Nalasingu 

Central park Skate spot delhi

Palika Bazar
This spot is very close to Connaught place. You may have to look around the area in order to find it. Search for the green “Palika Bazaar” sign at the entrance into an underground shopping facility. During work hours it gets very busy around there so I suggest visiting it either on the weekend or in the evening. Sean Malto and a bunch of other pros skated this spot in RedBull’s skate video series called “Gurus in The Ganges.” This place is beyond perfect and seems as if it was built for skaters. The main feature of the spot is the glass-like smooth marble banks to rails (or vice versa). The slanting wall-like structures are incredibly smooth and
feel as if they were coated with butter, so be ready to slip on them at least once. In between the banks there’s also a four stair which you can ollie to flat or into the bank. Unfortunately, there is an angry security guard who watches over the market entrance. He’s usually not very friendly… In case if you do get kicked out, don’t get discouraged. Just look around and you’ll definitely find some more sick spots.

As I wrote this, I checked Google maps to refresh my memory about the spot… It seemed as though there are no more rails above the banks. Instead, it now looks like there’s a ledge and a fence on top of it (which is potentially still fun to skate). I noticed another obstacle which I don’t remember skating- a circular two stair platform/mini stage. A perfect manny pad! According to the map it is directly in front of the Palika Bazaar four stair which I told you guys about earlier.

Google map Location - Palika Bazar 
Pic Credits - Mohit Sarawgi

Palika Bazaar skate spot delhi

Ansal Plaza
It's located 11km away from Connaught place and it takes roughly 20 minutes to reach there via tuk-tuk. You need to look for Ansal Plaza Shopping Mall. The place is packed with a variety of different sick obstacles. There are a bunch of stair sets ranging from 2-8 stairs. The circular stage is perhaps the main meet-up spot for skaters. It is two stairs tall and has a diameter of approximately 5 meters. It serves as a perfect manual pad and as a flatground to play games of skate. You can hit slanted rocky wallrides which are just a few mongo pushes away (just kidding). There are many different ways of approaching this wallride spot so you can easily find a comfortable angle for yourself. Pop a flip trick into it! Besides these little wallrides you’ll see a relatively tall set of four stairs. There is a little hillbomb next to those stairs which leads up to the mall entrance and more spots! Up there you’ll see another wide set of four stairs and some potentially grindable ledges.

Remember when I mentioned slanted rocky walls? Well, there are more of those! Somewhere close by in the same area as the mall there’s another spot which is literally an empty fountain pool. The borders of this mega pool are far from ordinary. Almost reminiscent of the ditch spots in LA, except the walls are steeper and have bumpy rocks all over them. If you get creative you can film some awesome lines in there. Ride the wall on the side, grind the fountain, pop a trick
over the rectangular hole/gap in the ground. You’ll understand what I mean when you see it.

Google map Location - Ansal Plaza
Pic Credits - Unkown

Ansal Plaza skate spot Delhi

This is an amusement park on the outskirts of Delhi with a skatepark in it! A dream within a dream? Maybe, but it is for you to decide. I haven’t been there personally but I have seen many videos and pictures of this place. If a normal person walked in there he’d feel excited looking at the spinning carousels and the tall waterslides. However, a skater’s gaze would helplessly fall onto the smooth concrete skatepark. The skate zone was built by Nick Smith (the same builder who built the Vans Skatepark in Goa).

The halfpipe is the part which instantly grabs your attention in this skate playground. It has a mellow transition, a metal coping and it is located at the center. There is something more interesting there too… Something mainly found on the ocean shores and where the reef meets oncoming saltwater. Did you guess it? Yes, waves! Except these are made out of concrete. They circle around the halfpipe and allow skaters to “surf” around while someone simultaneously uses the center section. If you want to get really creative and a little bit gnarly, you can incorporate both the park’s sections by trying to boost out of the halfpipe and into the waves (or vice versa). I can also imagine ollie-ing out of the wave and landing in a manual on the flat top of the halfpipe. Popping out of it might be a challenge! There is no denying, however, that it would be a sick clip to film and hype up your homies! As you can see, this place offers multiple options to experiment with your skateboard. You just require some guts and a creative mind!
Get out there and enjoy! Shoutout to our homie from Tripura Boyer Debbarma for this killer capture, checkout his work if you have'nt. One of the finest artist from skateboarding community in India.

Google map Location - Mojoland
Pic Credits - Boyer Debbarma (HUCKO)

Mojo Land skatepark

Bonus spot!
Sector 9 Skating Rink
This spot is located in the South Eastern part of New Delhi. The spot is popular among the local shredders for it’s fantastic ground. It is made of smooth tiles which spread over an area similar to a futsal ground (perhaps even bigger). The surface upon which your wheels are meant to roll is nearly as flat as a chapatti (kidding, it’s flatter). I know what you might be thinking- How can this be even considered a skate spot? Believe me, for skaters who grew up shredding in India, a good flatground spot is harder to find than a clean toilet with double layered toilet paper. If you are one of those people you definitely know what I’m talking about. This skating rink is ideal to expand your bag of flatground and freestyle tricks. If you are extremely bored, grab a plank of wood or any object which you are capable of jumping over and learn to do your tricks over it. Let’s not ignore the fact that a spot like this allows you to peacefully skate with your homies without worrying about getting kicked out, run over by a car or chased by a cow. Have fun guys, keep shredding!

Google map location - Sector 9 skating rink
Pic Credits - Teshang Marak

Sector 9 skating rink delhi

Author - Andy Topo
Edited by - Anveer Mehta

2 Responses

Di Caprio
Di Caprio

October 07, 2020

The best spot out here in Delhi as of now is Indraprasta park which is located 25 km from Safdarjung. The fine ledges , the stairs and the best street spot. The best thing is that no one is there to kick out.


September 02, 2020

There is also the miniramp and plaza outside DLF Avenue in Saket. Very nice ledges and benches to hop over, however, you need to wear a helmet to skate. We are currently negotiation a waiver system with the mall authorities

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