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Skateparks Around Mumbai

December 13, 2020

Skateparks Around Mumbai

BKC City Park
This is one of the most skated spots in Mumbai among the locals. This spot was the beginning of the skateboarding scene in Mumbai, where it all started. Many BMX riders come there too. There are stairs, ledges, some movable D.I.Y. rails and other fun obstacles. Almost all recreational activities are allowed there so you don’t need to worry about getting kicked out. The public park closes at 8pm according to G. maps.

Google map location - BKC city park 
Pic Credits - Harshad Kamble

BKC City park mumbai

Carter Road Skatepark
This is one of Mumbai’s newest skateparks built by the one and only 'Bombay SB'. There is a variety of obstacles which are mainly suitable for street skaters. I think it was designed to suit BMX riders too. That’s why there are some pretty big/steep quarter pipes. This newly built skatepark used to have a dull and gloomy vibe to it in my opinion. However, it recently got a new paint job which made it look a lot more colorful and eye-pleasing. After speaking with a local shredder- Akash (A.K.A. Joslin) I found out that the ground became slippery though after it got painted. This Park is located on the western coast of Mumbai and is open 24 hours a day. This is the most happening spot among the all spots in Mumbai

Google map location - Carter Road Skatepark
Pic Credits - Bombay SB

Carter road skatepark mumbai

Nerul Skatepark
This one of India’s biggest skateparks in my opinion. This again is built by the legends 'Bombay SB'. It has a massive bowl section and lot of street obstacles. To name a few, there are: ledges, hubbas, rails (flatbar and downrail) and a bank to bank. The concrete looks smooth and the obstacles vary in sizes allowing beginners and advanced skaters to coexist. It is surrounded by a garden of lush green grass which gives that place a more relaxing atmosphere.

Google map location - Nerul skatepark
Pic Credits - Bombay SB

 Nerul skatepark mumbai

Nri Skatepark
The Nri Bowl is located in a Navi Mumbai colony where the residents can shred it on the daily basis. It was built by Nick Smith somewhere around the year 2016, which makes it one of Mumbai’s first bowls. It’s a lovely-looking bowl with a mellow transition and marble tile coping. The size of the bowl isn’t too gnarly but nor is it super tiny. I personally would recommend that bowl for beginner skaters as it is just perfect for learning transition tricks. Advanced skaters can definitely have a blast there too!

Google map location - Nri Skatepark
Pic Credits - Gautham Nalasingu 

NRI Skatepark mumbai

Thane Skatepark
This is an upcoming gem. The 'Bombay SB' crew are currently putting a lot of work and effort into building this massive beast of a skatepark. The skatepark already has two separate bowls- A small, mellow one and one that’s bigger and steeper. There’s a sweet bump to bump which seems to be ready too.  There will also be a street section which might potentially have rails and ledges. No one really knows when the park will be fully completed. The one thing that is certain about this park though, is that it’ll be super fun to skate when it’s ready! Please, don’t go skate there before it’s been officially not opened yet(as that’d be super uncool dude/dudette). If you are insisting on going there anyway, consider asking Bombay SB for permission.

Google map location - Will be updated soon

Khar Social
A café with a skate ramp! Nick Smith built this bad boy in 2015 so the local shredders can have a safe haven for skateboarding. In the early days, the locals could only skate the streets, which sometimes lead to them getting kicked out of spots. Security guards and some of the people didn’t appreciate skateboarders jumping around the sidewalks and public parks. Hence, a whole new world opened to them when this ramp was brought to reality.

Google map location - Khar Social
Pic Credits - Gautham Nalasingu

Kharsocial skatepark mumbai

Bandra Talao
This is a street spot where the Bombay shredders come to skate when they get bored of the skateparks. This roadside spot offers a long, smooth ledge and a great view. You can grind and slide for miles while checking out the pond which is down below. There are some flat gaps in the ground which you can incorporate in your line before you hit the ledge. The area is quite photogenic and looks really cool in my opinion. Grab your phone, call a filmer and get some clips!

Google map location - Bandra Talao
Pic Credits - Harshad Kamble

Bandra Talao skatespot

Bandra Reclamation
This is another “street-skate-playground” by the ocean. It’s like a mini-skate plaza! There are many grindable/slideable obstacles and small/medium gaps. The ledges are placed in rows like stairs and can be approached in many different ways. You can manual them, jump off them and of course introduce them to your board and trucks with the help of wax. Honestly, you might not even need wax since most of the edges as they are superrrrr smooth.

Google map location - Bandra Reclamation
Pic Credits - Asif Khan

Bandra reclaimation skatespot mumbai

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