Ripped skate shoe

How to make your skate shoe last longer

July 08, 2020

How to make your skate shoe last longer?

As you all know, skate shoes don't come cheap. It is always good to know some tips and tricks to prolong the life of your shoe.

This is Vaibhav Rasam, and I’ve been fixing skate shoes with various materials that are readily available in the Indian market. Let's have a look at some of the options

  • Glue gun
    You can easily find one on amazon or in a local stationary. Whenever  you see a little scrape or some damage to your shoe, you can apply the glue around that area to make a layer on top of it. Now when you slide your foot for those ollies and tricks, the applied glue layer will scrape off keeping the shoe protected. Everytime you see the glue layer wearing off, you can repeat the process helping prolong the life of your shoe. Simple!
  • Araldite
    Araldite is a resin which is much harder than glue and can provide much better protection than the glue gun.  I have personally always used fast setting Araldite to repair my shoes, and it has worked the best since it does not scrape as fast as the glue from the gun does.
  • Suede cloth patch
    This is an option to consider when you’re not really dealing with a scrape or rip but a hole in your shoe.
    Ask for a piece of suede cloth from a local garment store. It usually costs around Rs100/- per sqmtr but what we need is just one small patch. If they have a leftover piece - that would work best.
    Stictching the patch on your shoe can cause it to easily rip off when you try to ollie. Use the araldite resin instead. Once stuck, cover the whole suede patch with resin once again so that it holds stronger.

Let us know in the comments section if you have more suggestions or would like to make a demo video on this. We could feature it on our website for everyone.


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