How to choose your skateboard deck

How to Choose Your Skateboard Size?

December 29, 2019 2 Comments

How to Choose Your Skateboard Size?

Firstly, good choice on deciding on PISO skateboards. We take great pride at being the most pocket friendly quality skateboards shipping and distributing all over India. You may have seen skateboards of different sizes and maybe even different shapes online and in toy stores. Stay absolutely clear of them. The reason those boards are available at toy stores is because they are toys, often having parts made of plastic which are highly unsuitable for skateboarding.

 What is a deck? 
The deck is the wooden maple board  on which you attach the trucks and wheels. The upper surface on which you stand is covered with grip tape which helps prevent the board from slipping from under your shoes while skating. Selecting a size for a deck and a complete skateboard is exactly the same. In a complete, along with the deck you will get the trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware and griptape all pre-assembled and ready to skate straight out of the box :)

 Picking the right size
Deck sizes on PISO skateboards are available in 7.75’’, 8”, 8.125”, 8.25” & 8.5''. Where say size 7.75in says the width of the board is 7.75in. A very general rule is that if you have big feet you might want to go with a wider board. If you’re smaller than  UK size 8 or are shorter than 5’10” then a size 7.75’’ or 8” board should be good. If you are tall and have huge feet - go for an 8.25+” buddy. A wider board will give your feet more room while skating. This will help counter the high centre of gravity.If you’ve been skating for a while and looking to pick up a new deck, try experimenting with a new size. Wider decks provide more stability for riding bowls and launching off ramps, while slimmer deck prove better for street skating and flip tricks since they are lighter.

 Features of a skate deck 
Every deck has a characteristic nose, tail and concave. As a beginner it might be hard to tell the difference between the nose and tail. The graphic on your board will help you identify this. But as you skate more, you’ll see that the tail is always slightly shorter than the nose of the deck.The concave in the board is the feature where the middle region of the board is slightly sunken in compared to its edges. A little bit like a spoon. This helps the board cup your feet while skating for better stability. All our decks at PISO skateboards have a concave that skateboarders love.
So go ahead and make your pick. Don’t waste any more time. The more time you spend deciding the lesser time you’re going to spend skating. #KeepShredding

General sizing:

Shoe size Board size
All kids to UK7 7.75in
UK8 to UK10 8.00in
UK10 to UK11 8.125in/8.25in
UK11 to UK13 8.25in
UK13 and above 8.5in

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August 19, 2020

You deserve everything! thank you for making skate culture popular in our country.


August 12, 2020

My foot size is 8 ,so I would like to go with that size and once wanna thankyou for service provide to me to find the solution for my problem 🙂

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