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Can You Skate on Indian Roads?

May 29, 2020

Can you skate on Indian roads?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked by new skaters and non skaters.

Of course you can! We absolutely agree that most Indian roads are not skate-able for various reasons - rough surfaces, lack of space, potholes, dirt etc. And with a population so dense there’s so much traffic that even if you dodge the traffic, do expect people yelling at you every now and then for taking up space on the road. But what do you do when you don’t have easy access to a skatepark?

Skateboarding has always been for the ones driven by passion. For the one’s who wanted to do things differently and the ones who at some point got tired of waiting on the sidelines. We skate because it liberates us. For some of us it gives us joy, for some it’s an outlet to our problems and for some it's the outlet to our creativity. This is why we don’t make excuses to grow. If you really think of it, almost everything is skate able is some way. You just have to stop making excuses.

Spot hunting is essential to skateboarding and also to your growth as a skateboarder. It basically involves you going around your area looking for a place that looks great to skate. It could be flat ground, slopes, stairs, rails or anything of your preference. If you feel you don’t have smooth roads around where you stay, a good day or two of spot hunting with your friends is going to pay well. There will ALWAYS be something to skate in your immediate environment.

Most skateparks worldwide are either wooden or concrete, having a very smooth surface. So in general skating the streets means moving to a rougher surface. But this hasn’t really deterred skaters, because the streets and roads provide a completely different and exciting environment to skate. Your creativity can really run wild. As long as you aren’t skating old broken roads with big cracks or roads with lots of gravel, mud, sand or potholes, you are good to go with regular street wheels and rip hard. For skateparks or a similar smooth finish, we would definitely recommend street wheels.

If you feel that you want to be cruising the streets way more than doing tricks we would recommend get our the cruiser wheels. They roll smoothly on much rougher terrain than street wheels, and are fast, keeping you moving with much lesser effort.

Author: Anveer Mehta

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