June 15, 2020


Bushings is the small cone type structure sitting in between the kingpin bolt in pair(cone-cylinder combo). If you are facing problem in taking turns and carving, It's time to replace your bushings.

Bushings come in various hardness ranging from 84A(softest) to 100A(Hardest).All Piso trucks use 95A bushings for all the trucks sold on our store. So if you are looking for a replacement for standard Piso board go for a 95A bushings. If you are looking to play around and experiment with your bushings then lower the hardness value more easy to it'll be to turn the board, higher the hardness more hard it'll be to turn but will be more stable. Higher the Bushing value, more harder the Bushings will be. For example: 84A is the softest Bushing & 100A is the hardest Bushing.

 If you are a bowl/park skater slighlty softer bushings that is of lower value hardness like 84A/90A will be best as you'll curve along the bowls/transitions will be easier to control. The 95A is the one which fits in the sweet spot, which is good both for street and bowl. We use 95A bushings in all our skateboard trucks sold in our Store. If you are into downhill and speed skating hard bushings that is 100A are better as they'll avoid speed wobbles and will be stable.


Bushing value


Style of skating



Bowl and transition skating


Medium hard

Can be used for both bowl and streets


Medium hard

The perfect sweet spot for both style



Good for downhill skating

Video Link - How to change your bushings?

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