Custom skateboard

Assembling custom skateboard

June 10, 2020

Assembling custom skateboard

If you want to place an order for a custom skateboard of your desired graphics and performance are confused which parts are required to form a complete then follow our guidelines below.

For choosing right deck size we have made a thorough article about this. Read here.

Add any of the griptape you wish to add which will sit on top of the skateboard deck to provide grip.

Choose hardware of size 1in for regular skateboard set up. If you will use riser pads go for the size 1.25in. To know more about riser pads click here.

Based on the size of deck you have chosen similarly choose the truck size for the same. Truck sizing is as given below:

Hanger width(in)

Axle width (in)

Deck it can fit

















Wheels you can select any of the sizes either 52mm, 54mm or 56mm based on your interest. If you want a board especially for tricks and stuff select size 52mm. For an all round performance select size 54mm. For more of transition skating go for the size 56mm (Do use riser pads to avoid wheelbite for the size 56mm)

Add 1 set of bearings  and your custom complete set up is ready. If you want us to assemble it and send let us know.

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